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Çetin Cıvata established the R&D Center, which constantly tries to meet the changing demands of the market for new technologies and products. T.R. We continue to work towards becoming an R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and our goal is to become an approved R&D Center at the end of 2021.

The mission of the R&D Center is to ensure and sustain the maximum product quality at low cost, to ensure energy and production efficiency, to continue studies on machine modernization and green energy transformations for Industry 4.0, and most importantly, to design new products with added value. As the R&D department, it works on design and product development jointly with automotive and other customers, which make up the majority of its customer portfolio. Çetin Cıvata R&D team, by meeting one-on-one with the R&D and Technical teams of the customers, carries out projects for the manufacturability, quality improvement and sustainability of new special products. Issues related to increasing production performance and quality are discussed with the teams at daily GEMBA meetings, problems are evaluated and solutions are found.

The R&D team carefully manages the product development process from RFQ to final product delivery by examining the cost effectiveness and feasibility, realizing the commissioning of the new product, designing, simulating and monitoring the production process after creating a prototype. In addition, it works on process improvements by taking into account the feedback of its customers. We attach great importance to quality management when commissioning new fasteners. Products are carried out by the project team with PPAP / PPF, FMEA, APQP, MSA, SPC and 8-D quality management systems.

Çetin Cıvata R&D Center has a strong engineering and technical team with qualified expertise that conducts intensive studies and researches on various technical evaluation solutions in accordance with the design system and world standards in order to shape the future of all kinds of fasteners. However, he can perform tests in his laboratories, including mechanical, metallurgical and corrosion tests. It constantly improves itself in product and mold design, mold manufacturing, material selection, manufacturing processes. It supports the studies to increase the efficiency of mold life with simulation programs using finite element method.

Our center follows the literature researches and developments in the sector and adapts them to its own structure. We support undergraduate, graduate and doctoral theses with our international and national university collaborations, and with industry and university collaborations, we carry out projects based on simulations and experimental studies to improve the quality of products and  increase the service life of the materials used.

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